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Vegas VR - Art Basel Miami

Five influential artists interpret the Vegas experience in Virtual Reality.

Las Vegas creates what we like to call the neon you. This is the you enhanced by the lights, calmed by the luxe, fed by the imagination and energized by the show. It is the ultimate you...the you who can make anything happen. What's that like?  It's like an alternate reality. Fafi, Beeple, Signalnoise, Adhemas Batista, and Insa take you on a trip through their alternate Vegas in a stunning 360 art experience. Find out how Vegas can alter your reality.


Vegas Alter Your Reality - Art Basel Miami

Vegas Alter Your Reality - Art Basel Miami


Adhemas Batista, Designer Director and Illustrator living in sunny Los Angeles. I explore vibrant and colorful concepts, with inspirations of urban art and pop culture. His work is widely recognizable for its vibrancy and colors. On every piece, I aim to create living art that will shine through the thickest corporate quagmire.